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In need of furniture exported to Africa? Worried about which office furniture company in Dubai to rely on for this task?

Office4U is the go-to furniture company in Dubai for all types of office furniture. We manufacture the best quality office furniture with elegant looks. We use modern technology for the manufacturing process and make sure they make our client’s 100% satisfied with our service. We have been exporting our products across the globe including Africa. You can place your order via online.

Top Office Furniture Exporter to Africa – Office4U

Africa, the second largest continent in the world, has become a center for development and focus point of many mainstream businesses. It has increased the need for office furniture in Africa. There are companies trying to find the best office furniture manufacturers all over the world to import furniture to Africa. They choose office furniture manufactures from Dubai since the location and transport methods make it easy to export goods from one place to another.

We are the most reliable office furniture manufacturers with ergonomically designed and customized products at budget friendly cost. If you’re searching for the best office furniture to export to Africa, we have the best options. Our experts are always ready to help you.

Dubai Office Furniture Exporting Services

We are one of the most reliable office furniture manufactures in Dubai who has a strong fan base in the countries of Africa. If you want office furniture exported from Dubai, we have different types of options to choose from. We see it as our success to be able to satisfy all our global clients. Our products are made from premium quality materials with high finish. 

Our furniture exporting services are available online so that you don’t have to travel from one end of the world to the other. But if you wish to see the quality of our products, feel free to visit us in our headquarters in Dubai. You can customize our products to match your expectations of office furniture. All our client’s approach us with different needs and we have become successful in meeting them every time.

We have a large customer base in Africa. There is noticeable growth in the export rate of our quality office furniture to different countries of Africa. Different types of office chairs, office tables, office storage are the most commonly exported office furniture items. 

Types Of Office Furniture Export to Africa

We have a large customer base in Africa. There is noticeable growth in the export rate of our quality office furniture to different countries of Africa. Different types of office chairs, office tables, office storage are the most commonly exported office furniture items. 

Office Chairs

Our chairs are known for their modular design. Also our ergonomically designed office chairs can reduce the physical impact of sitting for long hours. We have added different features to make it more comfortable for you to work. We manufacture our chairs using different materials and you can choose the finish of our products. Take a look at the different types of chairs available:

Types Of Office Chairs

We have different types of office chairs which are apt for different needs and situations. 

  • Ergonomic Chairs:

Ergonomic chairs are used to support your body while working. There are somany benefits of using ergonomic chairs at work. They help you maintain good posture and prevent getting back pain. Our different types of ergonomic chairs come with attractive features including armrest, headrest, 360 degree swivel and built in lumbar support pillow.

  • Executive Chairs:

Our executive chairs combine luxury and comfort together. They are built using premium quality materials with a classy look. Executive chairs are commonly used by corporate workers. They provide support for its users to work efficiently.

  • Office Leather Chair:

Office leather chairs are the best option for people who long for premium but comfortable seating. Since it is made from high quality leather, it looks classy and stylish. They can last longer than any other chairs. Cleaning them is also easy. We have a wide variety of models in office leather chairs from which you can find the right one.

  • Meeting Chairs:

Meeting chairs play an important role in effectively arranging a meeting. An uncomfortable meeting chair can make the attendees feel restless and reduce their engagement. We have different models of meeting chairs with different features. You can select the right one that fits your needs

  • Mesh Chair:

Mesh chairs are the best option for office use in countries with hot climates. The mesh material used in the manufacturing helps air to circulate and reduce the heat build up. They are ergonomically designed to give your body the best support.

  • Visitor Chairs:

We manufacture the most comfortable visitor chair. They are made using strong and sturdy materials which can withstand daily use. If you choose our visitors chair to welcome your guests, it will be easy to impress them.

  • Training Chairs:

Training chairs are used to sit for prolonged hours. We manufacture our training chairs using sturdy and quality materials which last longer. Experience a relaxing seating arrangement during long meetings and work hours.

Office Tables

There are several things to consider when purchasing a table for your office. They should give your space a proper layout and  have to be functional. Take a look at our office tables:

Types Of Office Tables

We have the most appealing tables manufactured from premium quality materials. The types of office tables available are shown below.

  • Boardroom Table:

Buying boardroom tables can be expensive. At Office4U, we provide modern and traditional looking boardroom tables at a budget friendly rate. We can assist with  choosing the right size and features.

  • Conference Table:

Find the best models in conference tables at Office4U. We manufacture conference tables in different sizes and styles. The use of high quality products makes sure that they last longer. We have round shaped, U shaped, rectangular shaped, oval shaped conference tables and so on.

  • Coffee Table:

Coffee tables are used in homes and offices. You can serve coffee to your guests and keep small belongings on it. A luxurious looking coffee table can complement how the space it is placed looks. We have coffee tables in different shapes made from different materials.

  • Round Meeting Table:

As its name suggests they are in round shape. They are used to arrange meetings which promise equal participation of members. You can customize the sizes and finishes used to manufacture the round meeting table.

  • Meeting Table:

With the help of our meeting tables, you can arrange meetings effectively. Our meeting tables have all the features to make those attending the meeting comfortable. If you’re looking to export meeting tables from Dubai to Africa, we have great options waiting for you.

Office Storage Furniture

Keeping your workspace neat and mess free is made easy with our office storages. They come in different sizes and materials. Made from sturdy and quality materials , they are made to last for years. You can arrange your workspace as per your liking with our office storages.

Types Of Office Storage

We build different types of office storage. They can help you arrange things and save space. You can select the one which can meet your expectations from the types and its models.

  • Full Height Cabinet

Full height cabinets provide a large amount of space to keep your file and other belongings. They are manufactured using top notch materials with the help of modern manufacturing. It comes with a locking system helping you to keep the things kept inside safe.

  • Low Height Cabinet:

Low height cabinets are the best option for you if you have limited space at your office. They have several drawers which gives you enough space to keep things. You can customize the size of it as per your need.

  • Medium Height Cabinet:

Medium height cabinets are useful at home and office. It comes in a medium size helping you to have a mess free office and home. Also they don’t need a lot of space to be placed.

  • Mobile Pedestal Drawer

Mobile pedestal drawers are mini storage spaces which can fit into any space. They are movable which makes it more convenient to use.

Online Office Furniture Supplier in Dubai

Looking for office furniture in Dubai who exports products to Africa? We export all our office furniture to Africa at a reasonable price. You can reach out to us online and place your order. Our professional team members will be at your service a touch away. Contact us to know more about our products and services. We promise you the best purchasing experience.

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