Full Height Cabinets with Partitions At Best Price in Dubai, UAE

Office4u offers the best custom-made Full height cabinet for the office or any room. It is made of high-quality MFC Board and is very durable. It offers a swing door or a sliding door with lockable options.

Buy Custom Made Full Height Storage Cabinets at Office4U Office Furniture Store in UAE

Office4u’s Full Height Cabinet is the perfect solution for those who need a quick, simple, and sturdy cabinet. This cabinet is made from birch wood and features a beautiful black finish. It is just what you need to organize your office space. It is durable and lightweight and has a unique design that will make it the center of attention in any room.

UAE-Made Full-Height Cabinets

The full-height cabinets, which are made of high-quality materials and come in a variety of styles and finishes, are the ideal choice for any room in your house or office. Whether you need extra storage in the kitchen, a stylish display cabinet for your living room, or a safe filing solution for your workspace, we have a cabinet for you. We are proud of our outstanding quality and functionality; thus, your new cabinets will give you the long-lasting organization and style.
Call us right away to talk about your storage needs and see our entire range of full-height cabinet.

Why Choose Office4u Full Height Cabinets?

Office4u‘s full height cabinets provide an amazing storage solution for your office. Their cabinets are famous for being custom-made to your specific needs, making the most of the space utilization. Besides, they are constructed with high-quality materials for durability and have lockable features for extra security. The combination of customization, durability, and security of Office4u’s full height cabinets makes them a great choice for keeping your office organized and your belongings safe.


  1. What are the advantages of full height cabinets from Office4U Dubai?

Our tall height cabinets provide more storage space, better organization, sleek look, and come in different styles that will meet your Dubai office’s requirements. 

 2.I have a small floor space in my Dubai office. Can I use the full height cabinets for me?

 Absolutely!Full height cabinets use the vertical space, thus freeing the floor area. We have different cabinet depths to suit your particular requirements. 

 3.Are your full height cabinets available in various materials?

Yes!We have a wide range of materials such as the durable laminate, the modern glass accents, and the luxurious wood finishes that can perfectly match your Dubai office’s décor. 

4.Can I personalize the interior design of your full height cabinets?

 A lot of our full height cabinets have adjustable shelves and drawers to tailor your storage solution. 

5.Do your full height cabinets come already assembled upon delivery in Dubai?

We give simple assembly instructions and most of the cabinets can be easily assembled. Besides the extra charge, we are also able to organize professional assembly in Dubai.


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