High Back PU Bizzy Executive Chair

  • High back PU chair with adjustable headrest
  • Molded foam with adjustable armrest
  • 3 locking mechanism
  • Grey nylon base with Korea KGS gaslift
  • 60MM PU casters
  • Price: 750 AED

Buy Executive Office Chair Dubai Online

Bizzy executive chair is One of the best executive chairs in Dubai and comes with a high back seating adjustable headrest, molded foam with adjustable armrest, 3 locking mechanisms, a grey nylon base with Korea KGS gas lift, and 60mm PU casters.

Manager Chair VS Executive Chair

An executive chair, as one might expect, is of higher quality than a manager chair. Of course, this does not imply that an executive chair is superior to a manager chair. They simply differ in appearance and function.

Here are the key distinctions between manager and executive chairs:

  • Manager chairs have fewer adjustability options.
  • Manager chairs, on the other hand, are more compact.
  • Manager chairs are more maneuverable.
  • Manager chairs are intended for extended, slightly mobile use (rolling from one area of a desk to another, or across to a printer behind you, for example).
  • Executive chairs typically have more formal design elements (leather and faux-leather armrests, for example)
  • The back of executive chairs is typically higher.
  • Executive chairs are typically larger.
  • Executive chairs are intended for prolonged, stationary use.
  • Executive chairs are frequently more expensive.




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High Back PU Bizzy Executive Chair