Blair Task Chair

  • White frame office chair with Nylon glass fiber frame
  • Adjust lumbar support
  • PU top 3D adjustable armrest
  • Four positions lock mechanism with sliding seat
  • 100 black gas lift
  • Chrome base #340
  • 60mm PU black casters
  • Price: 628 AED

Task Chairs In Dubai UAE

Are you looking for a Task chair in Dubai, UAE? Office4u has a wide range of task chairs or operator chairs and all other office chairs.

What is Task Chair?

The function of a task chair is to promote productivity. This implies that its advantages ought to be practical, enabling workers to complete their tasks more conveniently.

Benefits of a Task Chair

  • Reduce shoulder, back, and hip pain:

Task chairs support an ergonomic posture, relieving pressure on the shoulders, hips, and back. This makes it possible for workers to sit more comfortably, pay closer attention, and ideally stay pain-free in the future.

  • Create a professional atmosphere:

Have you ever entered an office and felt underwhelmed by the lack of a polished appearance? Task chairs are an inexpensive way to create a cohesive, professional look in your office. The cluttered, disorganised image that can turn off potential customers and employees is avoided by having the same office chair at each desk.

  • Utilize workplace space wisely:

Task chairs, as opposed to bigger executive-style office chairs, are designed to fit under desks. Additionally, they swivel so you can reach farther around you.

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Blair Task Chair