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Introducing the best ergonomic chair designed for ultimate comfort and support, perfect for those seeking relief from neck pain and enhanced lumbar support. This ergonomic chair features adjustable height, a supportive headrest, and precise angle ergonomics to ensure optimal posture. Ideal for both office and home use, this chair adapts to various desk heights and kneeling postures. Available for purchase online, this ergonomic office chair combines superior design with affordability, making it the best choice for anyone in Dubai looking to improve their workspace comfort and productivity.

Specification Details
Frame Materials Black/Grey/White Nylon Glass Fiber
Headrest Up and Down Adjustable Headrest, Fixed Headrest
Armrest Types Black/Grey Up and Down Adjustable Armrest, 2D/3D Adjustable Armrest
Armrest Material PU Top
Lock Mechanisms Butterfly Simple Lock Mechanism, One/Three/Four-position Lock Mechanism
Reclining Angle Up to 126±1°
Seat Adjustment Sliding Seat, Seat Depth Adjustment
Lumbar Support Adjustable, Self-adaptive 3D-PP
Cushion Molded Foam, Shaped Cotton Cushion
Seat Cover Black Seat Cover, No Seat Cover
Gas Lifts
Gas Lift Types 100#4 Black, 100#5 Black, Korea 100#, Korean KGS Air Rod
Stroke 100mm#50mm
Base and Casters
Base Types 330mm Aluminum Base, 340mm Chrome/Nylon Base
Casters 55mm/60mm Black Nylon/PU Casters

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does an ergonomic chair do?

An ergonomic chair is one that has been designed in such a way as to support the human body- The one of the main reason to use ergonomic chair is to ensuring your posture, you are comfortable and are working efficiently from that chair. For this purpose, these chairs provide adjustable height, lumbar support and armrests.

Are ergonomic chairs really better?

It reduces the risk of back pain: The backrest provided by the ergonomic chairs supports the natural curvature of your spine. Ergonomic chairs, on the other hand, are taller enough to accommodate the entire back. Some ergonomic chairs have a reclining feature; as such, they enable one to rest at an angle that is larger than 90 degrees.

What is the difference between ergonomic and orthopedic chairs?

Comfort and health are the main goals of ergonomic and orthopedic office chairs.

difference between ergonomic and orthopedic chairs are instead more general purpose solutions aimed at fostering the right posture and avoiding pain. Specifically, orthopedic chairs are customized seatings for people suffering from orthopedic disorders.

Who really needs an ergonomic chair?

For people sitting on jobs, muscular efforts are minimal but this does not exempt them from injury risks linked to more physically intensive tasks. For instance, other employees such as clerks, electronic assembly-line workers and data entry operators who are registered to have back pain suffer muscle tenderness and aches. Before purchasing an ergonomic chair, you can look up tips for choosing an ergonimc chair. This way you can have better understanding about these seating option.

How do I know if my chair is ergonomic?

Many ergonomic chairs have a sloped-front seat pan, so that the front of the seat does not form a platform and catch you behind your knees. A seat pan should also be shaped to enable proper weight distribution and for the comfort of one sitting on it.

Are ergonomic chairs expensive?

At certain times, there are office chairs for sale at as low as 40 AED or even less. And, of course, ergonomic chairs cost between AED 45 – AED 100 depending on the quality and adjustability options offered by your desired ergonomic desk chair.

Is an ergonomic chair good for back pain?

An ergonomic office chair is a resource that, when applied appropriately, can serve to aid an individual in achieving optimal back support and setting the tone for proper posture when sitting.

What is the difference between an ergonomic chair and an office chair?

The major difference between an ergonomic chair and a regular office chair is that it is physically comfortable for the individual using it. The comfortable ergonomic design of your office chair supports the natural shape of your body and encourages you to have good posture. You can regulate the height of your seat, the tilt angle of the backrest and that of support you need for your lower back.

How do I know if my chair is ergonomic?

The majority of ergonomic chairs are equipped with a seat pan waterfall front (the one that bends the bottom) to prevent you from catching behind the knees. The seat pan should also be shaped such that weight is evenly distributed, and it should allow comfortable sitting.

Do you provide bulk order discounts for businesses?

Yes, we do have competitive pricing with discounts for bulk orders. Kindly contact our sales team to inquire about what you need, and they shall prepare a quote for the number of chairs required.

Do you offer delivery of ergonomic chairs throughout Dubai?

Yes, we offer accurate delivery of ergonomic chairs within Dubai. No matter whether you are in town’s center or suburbs, our delivery network provides the chairs at your doorstep before time is up.

How do I place an order for ergonomic chairs in Dubai?

Placing an order is easy! Just call or email our Dubai office, or stop by our showroom to outline your preferences and order ergonomic chairs based on these requirements and optimized for the workplace environment.

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