Top-tier Office WorkStation Desks in Dubai, UAE

Are you in need of office workstations in Dubai, UAE? Then we have the best collection for you. Office4U is your ultimate destination for a premium range of office furniture in Dubai. Rely on us to select the right fit of office cubicle desks for your work setting. We have various types, colors and size customizations that will complement your company layout. We provide the versatility you need for enhancing collective productivity. 

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Premium Features Our Workstation Desks

Here’s the main features to convince you to opt our workstations desks in Dubai:

Optimal Spacing: Many workstation desks offer the ability to adjust the height, allowing users to find the most comfortable and ergonomic position for sitting or standing. It supports the employee well being and increases employee collaborations. By choosing our workstation desks we promise you the optimal spacing you need.

Cables Management: Our workstation desks come with the built in cable management system to help you have an efficient and neat workspace. Built in cable management system can protect your cables from getting damaged easily. We can customize it based on your need.

Built-in Storage: Our workstation desks include shelves, drawers, or compartments for storing office supplies, files, or personal items, helping to keep the workspace clutter-free. This feature  improves accessibility by providing you more space and your employees can keep their belongings at their hand’s reach.

Modular Design: Workstation desks with modular components allow users to customize and reconfigure the layout to suit their specific needs, whether it’s adding extra shelves, monitor arms, or storage units. It is an innovative method used in workstation desks. We can design you the best modular workstation desks in Dubai which gives you the advantage of space in a limited area.

Ergonomic Design: Many workstation desks are designed with ergonomics in mind, featuring curved edges, adjustable keyboard trays, and contoured surfaces to promote proper posture and reduce strain on the body during long hours of work.

Types Of Workstations Desks We Provide

There are several types of workstations desks we provide which can match the requirements of our clients. You can select the right one for you from these different and commonly used workstation desks.

Single workstation

Single workstation desks are suitable to perform individual tasks. It improves the concentration of the employee. Our Mas Series single workstation desk comes in different colors with built-in cable management. High Quality MFC board is used for its construction.

2 person face to face workstation desk

If you’re searching for a 2 person face to face workstation desk in Dubai our Mas Series 2 person face to face workstation desk, Amanda Series 2 person face to face workstation desks, Amer Series 2 cluster face to face workstation desks are best options for you. 

These models come with a built-in cable management system. It allows two employees to work together. Amanda Series 2 person face to face workstation comes with side cabinets that helps you arrange your belongings.

L shaped workstation desks

L shaped workstations are easy to install and give maximum space. Our Amer Series L-shape workstation is a best choice for single L-shaped workstations and Amer Series 2 cluster L-shape workstation desk is great for two employees working together. We give customizing options for these desks. 

3 person face to face (triangle shape)

Your search for three person face to face workstation desks ends in  Office4U. We have specially designed triangle shaped workstation desks which saves space without compromising privacy. Amanda 3 person face to face workstation and Amer Series triangle workstation desk are our models in triangle shape. We deliver triangle shaped workstations designed for collaborative work among three individuals.

4 cluster work space (cross shape, with cabinet, with planter cabinet)

We have a wide variety of options to choose from if you need functional 4 person face to face cluster workstations. 

These are some of the best 4 cluster workspaces designed by us. They all come with their unique features. 

  • Mas Series 4 Person Face to Face Workstation
  • Amer Series 4 Cluster Workstation Desk
  • Amer Series 4 Cluster Workstation Desk With Cabinet
  • Amer Series 4 Cluster Workstation.
  • Desk With Planter Cabinet.
  • Mas Series 4 Person Face to Face Workstation.

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6 cluster work space

Electra, Amer Series 6 Cluster Workstation Desk are the two models available with us in 6 cluster workstation options. They are suitable to accommodate a large group of employees together. We maintain high quality in manufacturing of these desks and ensure our customers get the most of it.

7 person workstation desk

Amer Series 7 Person Workstation Desk promotes collaboration in a team with seven individuals. This design is ergonomic and improves employee wellness. It is a custom made model. 

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Linear workstation desk

Aria Workstation Desk is a linear workstation desk suitable for efficient workplaces in open plan offices. If you’re searching for a linear workstation desk in Dubai we can customize our Aria model workstation desks for you.

Office Workstation Desk Manufacturer in Dubai

Each workstation desk is designed with functionality, comfort, and space optimization in mind, catering to each and every diverse office preferences. Go through the collection and select the finest from the best office workstation supplier in Dubai.

Why choose us

You should Choose Office4U for  customized office workstation desks, here are some compelling reasons:

Customization: To give you the best custom experience we provide customization options for you. Your wish is our command. As the reliable office workstation manufacturer in Dubai, we can base your priorities, office space, style and other components to construct you the right fit. 

Durability: All our products are manufactured using high quality wood, board and materials for the best functionality. We use contemporary techniques for construction and make sure it lasts for a long time even with daily use.

Cost-Effectiveness: We have the best budget friendly workstation desks in Dubai. Our products come in high quality  at a reasonable price. We promise to give you the best experience without compromising the quality.

One-of-a-Kind Designs: Our workstation desk designs are unique. They compliment your workspace and office well and give a good impression. They are so effective in keeping your workspace clutter free, well arranged as well as neat.

Timely Product Delivery: We deliver our products usually in a short time period. We can also urge the delivery in special cases. There’s also a return option  if it is eligible.

We understand the importance of workstation desks in your office. A perfectly designed workstation desk constructed to meet all your job demands gives you the freedom of working in an uncluttered and neat workspace. You’ll find all the furniture needed for your office in Office4U. If your searching for the best office furnitures and workstation desks in Dubai, connect with us.


Specification Details
Design Custom-made Design
Material Egger, High-Quality MFC Board made in Germany, MDF laminated
Board Finish & Screen Panel Wide options, contact our salesperson or check material page
Base Options Wooden base, Wooden leg, Metal leg
Cable Management Round grommets on 2 corner top, Rectangle grommets
Top Thickness 36mm, 18mm
Delivery 7-12 Working Days
Surface Finish Options White, Light Grey Chicago Concrete, Grey, Shore Wood, Grey Bardolino Oak, Tobacco Aida Walnut, Coco Bolo, Light Green
Sizes Options L280 x D280 x H75, L140 x D280 x H75, L160 x D280 x H75, L120 x D120 x H75, L140 x D140 x H75, L120 x D60 x H75, L140 x D70 x H75
Side Return 140 x 45 cm
Storage Options None, Wood Pedestal
Front Screen-Panel Options Fabric Divider, Wood Divider
Cabinet Size 280 x 40 x 120 cm
Pedestal Drawer Options With Pedestal Drawer, Without Pedestal Drawer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a workstation in the office?

Workstation in an office is a space where employees perform their tasks. This space is only dedicated for work and all the essentials needed for the job will be available in this space including table, chair, computer, files and pens etc. Workstation’s size and types are solely dependent on the type of the job.

What is the size of a standard work station?

Size of a standard workstation is not specific. It varies depending on the different factors related to the workstation desk.

Do you provide a modular Office Workstation desk?

Modular workstation desks are our speciality. We design the best modular design which best suits your purpose. We are always ready to help you with your workstation needs wherever you’re in dubai.

Do you offer wooden workstation tables across Dubai?

We provide wooden workstation tables across Dubai. We use premium quality woods for the construction of wooden workstation desks.

Can I customize the size or features of my workstation?

We, office4U customize our workstation desk designs based on the special demands of our customers. We welcome our customers with innovative ideas. You can customize your workstation desks with all the benefits our customers get by choosing us. You can choose the color, size and finishing of the product.

Do you have showrooms where I can see the workstations before buying?

Yes, we do. We have a showroom in Dubai where you can explore and experience varieties of workstation desks. Visit us to see your most desirable workstation desks before buying them.

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