Buy Meeting and Conference Tables At Best Price in Dubai, UAE

Office4u offers a wide range of conference and meeting table styles for you to choose from. You can shop wide range of conference tables in Dubai at cheap price from office4u. Whether you want a minimalist design or a high-end model, we have the perfect option for your workplace.

Buy Rectangular, Square, Round, Curved and U shaped Conference Tables in UAE

We have a good collection large and small round shaped, u shaped, oval, square and rectangular conference tables. Meeting table are available for 2 person to 24 person. Big conference tables are designed in rectangular shape with space in middle. According to client requirements (size, color and shape) meeting tables are customized.

Select the size and shape of meeting table according to the space availability

A round meeting table occupies more space than a rectangular conference table. If small space is available at conference room better use a rectangular or oval conference table for more space utility. Conference tables will be designed incorporating modern technologies like wire manager holes, plug points, power and internet sockets to connect laptops and projectors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of conference table furniture do you offer?

Office4u offers a wide range of conference table furniture in Dubai, including:

  • Traditional rectangular tables: These are the most common type of conference table and come in various sizes and materials.
  • Round tables: Ideal for fostering collaboration and open communication in smaller groups.
  • Boat-shaped tables: Offer a unique and modern aesthetic while accommodating a good number of participants.
  • U-shaped tables: Perfect for larger meetings and presentations, facilitating better engagement and visibility.

I’m looking for conference tables for a league meeting. What do you recommend?

For league meetings, consider a rectangular table with enough surface area to comfortably accommodate all participants and their materials. Opt for tables with detachable legs if you require flexibility in rearranging the space.

Where can I find conference tables in Dubai?

Office4u is a leading supplier of office furniture in Dubai, including a diverse selection of conference tables. Visit our showroom or browse the website to find the perfect table for your needs.

 Do you offer conference table chairs as well?

Yes, Office4u offers a variety of conference table chairs to complement your chosen table. We have ergonomic chairs designed for comfort and support during long meetings.

I’m looking for a complete set for my conference room, including both a table and chairs. What are my options?

We offer conference room table and chair sets in various styles and materials to suit your specific needs and budget. Browse our pre-configured sets or create your own by choosing a table and chairs that complement each other.

What size conference table should I choose for my office?

The ideal size for your conference table depends on the size of your meeting room and the typical number of participants. To ensure everyone has enough space, consider a table that allows for at least 2-3 feet of personal space per person.

Do you offer any unique conference table options, like round or glass tables?

Yes, Office4u offers a selection of round conference tables and glass conference tables for those seeking a more modern or unconventional look. Round tables can promote better interaction in smaller groups, while glass tables offer a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic.



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